Easy Outdated Furniture Makeovers

Do you have an outdated piece of furniture that needs a little uplift? Maybe it’s an old heirloom you don’t want to get rid off, but it desperately needs help, a little umph..

Here, I’ll show you how I turned outdated furniture into unique pieces for my home. There’s more color now and it feels like me! 😀 It doesn’t take much money, skill, or even time.  I am definitely new at this and learning as I go. So far, I have sanding and painting down… Not very impressive I know.  But, that’s all I’ve had to do!

You’ll be surprised what a little paint job does to furniture!

Anyways, I figured I’d show you some Before and After pictures of some of the things I’ve done. Who needs a new $150 nightstand when you can paint your old one and make it look brand new? Not me.

Clean and Sand

Before, starting make sure you clean the furniture down. As you can see, I had stickers on one nightstand and that won’t go away by painting over it! So make sure you clean the furniture real well. After cleaning mine, it was in pretty good condition. But the rule of thumb is basically sand with the lower number first (like 60 sand paper), and go up little by little until reaching a fine sand paper (like 420 sand paper). This definitely depends on how bad or good your piece of furniture is.

Easy Outdated Furniture MakeoversEasy Outdated Furniture Makeovers


I use Killz primer first on basically everything. I think it gives it a better finish at the end. This also helps, when you’re painting laminate furniture.

Also, sometimes you can go with sample paint instead of buying a huge gallon. They have sample paint bottles at Lowe’s and Home Depot for like $3. The little bottle was enough to paint both nightstands. And I did two coats each! Use the little bottle if you don’t plan on painting a lot of furniture or if you’re not sure about the color.  This way you can test the color and you don’t get stuck with a big bucket of paint.

Easy Outdated Furniture Makeovers    Easy Outdated Furniture Makeovers

Mix Paint

Who knew! I bought a sample sized dark gray color and just mixed in some white paint I already had for a lighter gray color. I just kept adding white until I liked the gray. It’s that easy! I did this for the rocking chair above and the desk below. But for the desk, I mixed in gray, white and the blue paints to get this blue-grayish color. I wanted something different and I love the final result.

Easy Outdated Furniture MakeoversEasy Outdated Furniture MakeoversEasy Outdated Furniture Makeovers

Spray Paint Hardware

You can easily spray paint the knobs/handles as well instead of buying new ones. It gives it a totally new look. I did this for the desk knobs since gold wasn’t really working. And I love the bronze look of it way better. When you spray paint, do multiple light layers instead of a single, heavy layer. If you do a single, heavy layer the paint will run down and you’ll be able to see it. Not pretty 🙁 I did this mistake the first time I was spray painting.

Also, maybe test it out first. I recently bought this copper spray paint and it was definitely not what I was looking for.

Is that it?

Yes, it is. It’s that simple. Can you see the big differences in the furniture? My mom loved the rocking chair so much, she gave me her own so I can paint it the same way for her. There’s so many different things out there and lots of beautiful ideas. And think, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

So before you decide to throw something out and spend hundreds of dollar on a new one, just think can’t I just paint it? So look around your home and start now!

Feel free to share your ideas on easy furniture makeovers or other tips to design your home on a dime.

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