Using Milk Crates for a Bookshelf

Have you carried your books from place to place, packing and unpacking, to the point where you’re soooo tired that you can’t even feel your legs anymore? And wait… you still have to carry that heavy bookshelf! When is this madness going to end?!

Moving Made Easier

I’ve practically moved every year for 3 years and it’s tough having to pack everything every time. Using the crates, I’m basically packed already. I just grab the crate and I’m done packing my books! I’m saving time and money. Who doesn’t like that?

Cost Efficient

You can get milk crates for free! And nothing beats FREE! Just check your local restaurants. Or you can also check gas liquor stores. I mean why pay for something when you can get it for free? I  actually need more so I’ll be hitting the local restaurants soon. At first, I thought 4 would do it, but am I kidding. I just keep adding books 😀

Fits in every home/apartment

Since, the crates are single and not actually attached to one another you can move them around. It’s almost like playing Tetris with your books!  You create a bookshelf that best fits the room. So depending on the space you can make it wider or taller. In this case, I put the crates between a bookshelf and a small wine bar. Just because this helped me save space in my living room (where I like to put my books).  It’s such a space saving option!

Bonus Option

You can also spray paint them to better fit your decor! I decided to stay with black. I couldn’t decide on a color really – I was thinking a teal, or silver for a pop of color but I couldn’t decide. Story of my life right… Well at least, black works for now. I’m also moving a lot. And I thought the crates will scratch a lot with every move. I’m not the best packer out there…

P.S. The size only matters in some instances. But since it’s Tetris you can make it work! I have small and big ones and that worked perfectly. Just more options to go with!

Leave your thoughts on this easy idea. Let me know if you have any options on making it even better. And share your pics when you try it!

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