Letter to my younger self

Dear little Bri,

If you think life is hard now wait until you grow up. You have to constantly make decisions and stand behind them. Not to mention, having to find the career you’re passionate about, bills, and taxes. Because the only things certain in life are Death and Taxes – but you already know that. (Our Life Sciences teacher told us that in 9th grade).

So if there’s something I could tell you from the future is stop being so indecisive! I’m not going to be one of those people that tell their younger selves to slow down and enjoy the fresh air, or stop and smell the roses. You did that! I should know.

So just make more decisions here and there. Don’t decide on things by what your sisters are choosing or what mom would like, but think about it and set yourself a timeline. If there’s no timeline we both know we take FOREVER to make the decision. And then, we’re worrying if it was the correct one. So just start picking something.  You’re young so you can afford to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid. Even if your decision isn’t the correct one you’ll learn something from it. No risk No reward.

Everything else you know pretty well. Respect yourself and others. Laugh out loud. And love like there’s no tomorrow.

What would you tell your younger self? Leave comments below. I’m sure I will update this in the future as I grow wiser…

P.S. Anybody look at their younger pictures and think, did I really look like that? =0

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