4 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive

Are you having problems staying positive when things aren’t going your way?

Sometimes when I can’t decide on what to do with my life (almost always), I start getting really negative. I’ve gotten depressed to the point where I just want to stay in bed and sleep all day. Which if you think about it, that’s definitely not helping any type of situation. I don’t even wake up rested, I just feel even more tired.

Staying positive when shit is hitting the fan can be a very difficult task. Difficult, but NOT impossible. There’s no shortage of reasons of why you might be down. It can be family, work, self-confidence, or simply just having a bad day.  Heck, the world is kind of cray cray right now, so that’s adding on to our plates.  Well look no further and see how using these 4 easy tips can help you NOT go down that dark, lonely road. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy!

#1 – Talk.

Having a support group is very important. Sometimes it’s as easy as just saying your problems out loud and having that lending ear. Other times, your friends and family help you see the problems in a new light and even give you new suggestions to fix them. And if you are they type of person that isn’t that comfortable sharing problems with friends and family, then talk about something else. Distract yourself for a bit. Then, when you come home you can use your fresh mind on the problems at hand. Because time away from the issue helps.

#2 Meditate.

Before, I thought you had to learn a lot about meditation. But this changed when I read Liz Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love.” If you haven’t read that book I suggest you do. There’s a section where Liz learns about the Sit and Smile meditation. It’s that simple. Just sit somewhere and put a smile on your face.  You don’t need extensive knowledge on meditation. Just choose a spot at home, sit down and smile. And do this for as long as you can. Every time I do, I come back feeling happier and less stressed. This is probably my favorite one.

#3 Exercise.

I like to run. That’s it. I don’t do any weights, crunches, squats or any other type of exercise there is out there. I just run. If you’re a waker, go for a walk. If you’re a full on gym for 8hrs a day go for it. Just get up and do some type of physical activity.  This will help you stay healthy, clear your mind, and make you happier (it’s proven exercise makes people happy – have you seen “Legally Blonde?!”).

#4 Color.

This one might seem weird to a lot of people. But coloring is such a stress reliever. And seeing all the different colors when I finish just makes me happy. Now, there’s actually a lot of adult coloring books out there so you don’t get bored with the kid’s coloring books. Pick your favorite colors and have at it. You don’t even need to finish an entire page, just color until you’re feeling happier.

Is that it?

Yes! Four simple ways to stay positive. You don’t need to go out and buy expensive equipment, sign up for expensive classes, or even spend too much time on this. You’re already half way there by reading this blog! You know you are having problems staying positive. So don’t delay any longer. And do these tips today!

Stay  strong. Stay positive.


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