Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

My nephew turned 6 years old this  year. Since he’s such a big boy now, he got to choose the theme for this year’s cake. He decided to go with Star Wars and picked a BB8 character cake. He saw it and was like “Yeah! That one! He’s my favorite character!” Needless to say the cake was easy for him to pick. I, on the other hand,  was nervous. I bake, but I usually don’t decorate. My decorations include me slapping some frosting on and maybe sprinkles and that’s it. I can’t even use a piping bag because every time I try it’s pretty much a fail.

But here I tried, because he was just so excited! You can choose any cake flavor of course. I baked a chocolate cake. I always use the recipe on the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa Powder box. It’s been my favorite chocolate recipe since I tried it 10 years ago.  If you haven’t baked that one, I suggest you do! Ok here it goes.

I baked two round cakes. I cut one cake as I saw fit to make the head of the character.  But it’s pretty much half a circle.  I, then, frosted the cake with a thin layer of frosting.  I think I heard in a show that this moment is called “crumb control.” I put the first layer, and then put the cake in the fridge.

Then, after an hour or so, I put the second layer of frosting. And since we did the crumb control, crumbs stayed in place (for the most part since I’m such a newbie), and all you see is the white frosting now.

That’s when I started actually decorating the cake.

I used: an Oreo for the big eye, a Rolo chocolate for the small eye, Orange Reese’s Pieces, and small sugar silver balls.

I made the circle in the middle first. To do this, I used a regular bowl to make an impression on the cake. I just pressed it lightly on the cake.  This way I could just put the reese’s pieces on the circle impression and just do the second circle following the guidelines of the first circle.

The rest was pretty much just eyeing it out as I went. It’s missing a small antenna (I used a black licorice, but forgot to take the picture with it on). It just basically laid on top. And that was it. Not too shabby for someone that keeps ripping the piping bags ;D

Other easy stuff we did for the star wars cake were lightsabers and stormtrooper cupcakes.

For the stormtrooper cupcakes, I baked cupcakes and put vanilla frosting on. Then, with a food marker, I drew on the marshmallows to make the face. And each cupcake gets a marshmallow. It takes a while to draw on the marshmallows, but it’s pretty easy.


I used pool  noodles for the lightsabers. I bought them at the Dollar store so this was a cheap DIY.  Each half was one lightsaber. I used duct tape, and electrical tape to create the handles. You can just make them different as you go.

We also bought a BB8 piñata! I’m sure you can DIY this, but I didn’t have time nor the energy to attempt such a task. Maybe next year? And I got lucky and saw some Star Wars themed paper masks at Walmart. They were like 10 masks for $3, so not bad at all.

Costs for a birthday party can easily add up, but you can do a lot of things DIY and still have all the kids have lots of fun! Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for theme birthdays.


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