The Awesomeness of SILENCE

I am not a very talkative person.

When I meet new people, I get a little bit anxious. I enjoy the quiet. But I know that most people think it’s awkward and we should be speaking. I’m not trying to be rude, or awkward or shy, I just think sometimes quiet is better. Like after a long day at work with people continuously talking to you, going home and not hearing a single soul is extremely relaxing to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I deal with people constantly and mostly they are great. They are happy or if they’re not they will put up a front so we just make small talk. And so when I come home, I don’t turn on the TV, or music like I used to. I just sit for a bit and listen to the wind, or the cars passing by and enjoy the silence.

It’s that amazing moment you hear yourself breathing. If you haven’t experienced it lately, do it now. Just sit alone in a room and breathe. Breathe in and out. Close your eyes. Empty your mind. Breathe. Silence can be a wondrous thing.

Sit. Breathe. Smile. And enjoy the silence.

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