My love for TV shows

Binge watch shows anyone?

I do. But I didn’t want to share the list of random shows I watch. Instead, I wanted to share my favorite all time shows.  There’s plenty of shows out there but when you go back to the same one time after time – that’s a winner!

Here is my list.


All-time favorite!
I can relate to it on so many levels. Life is hard, but we can do it. If you haven’t seen them (which seems almost impossible to me), then do it now. Friends teaches you so many things, while laughing your butt off.

Parks and Recreation

Amy Poehler is such an inspiration. If you haven’t read her autobiography you should!
Also, Ron Swanson – enough said.


If you haven’t noticed –  I like sitcoms. George and Elaine are my favorite. I wish I could just blurt out some of the things they say sometimes. Just sometimes though. They can get pretty intense haha

Forensic Files

Because who doesn’t love to get all creeped out that you might get murdered right before bed. Mom used to tell us scary stories before bed sometimes. I guess this is my way of continuing the tradition now that I don’t live at home.

I’ll watch other random shows like The Office, Criminal Minds, and Law & Order. But these are more far and between.  My husband and a lot of people I know are into Game of Thrones but I couldn’t get into it. I only saw like 2 episodes. The Big Bang Theory is kind of funny – but eh mostly. Husband loves it!

What are your favorite shows? Anything I haven’t mentioned?


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4 thoughts on “My love for TV shows

    • Brianda says:

      Ooooh I also like Bones. Psych I never got around to. A friend of mine just suggested It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so I’m checking that out right now. Next, I can try Psych!

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