Coffee Bar Easy Upgrade

Have you looked around your house lately? Like really looked around and see what you have, what you don’t have? But most of all, how it makes you feel?


Well, I did and I noticed it’s not something I like very much. My home is just pretty basic. I’ve been moving a lot and I just stopped decorating as well as I like. Yesterday, I saw my coffee area and it was totally meh, in other words – gross, ugly, basic, meeeeh.


I decided to go shopping to see if anything popped out at me. And I found something. I found a 2 tier tray. I wasn’t exactly sure if it would go with my home. But I was like, I don’t even have an actual decoration style yet! So I bought it.
*I also figured I can return it if I don’t like it. Happens a lot when you’re pretty indecisive*

Anyways, I bought it. And it looks so cute! Now when you decorate, it has to speak to you. Don’t try to make anybody else happy. Who’s the one that gets to see it all day, everyday? YOU. So make sure it speaks to you.

My coffee bar is by no means the best coffee bar out there. I chose one product that spoke to me and just went with it. And when I make my coffee every morning, I think it’s so cute! I literally stop for a bit to see how cute the 2 tier tray is.

I also bought it for like $10! That was definitely a steal! I love a good bargain.

So look around. Does your home feel homey? Welcoming? Fun? Exciting? Calming? Whatever the mood you would like to feel when you enter your home. Trust me, it may be a small change, but it makes you feel so much better. And when you feel better, then you can do better! Right? It helps me! haha

*Definitely need to upgrade on my coffee machine soon though. I also saw this picture on Pinterest, where they put like a wood board underneath the coffee – might try that if I find it. For now, this will do. This makes me happy.


Let me know what you think. Also, if you have any suggestions on creating an easy, pleasant looking coffee bar!


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