My Journey as a New Vegan

I am vegan.

I’m not trying to convince the whole world to join me. I am simply stating the new fact in my life.

The biggest issue turning vegan?

It hasn’t been not eating meat again. Not eating dairy products – I loved cheese! The biggest issue has been people attacking me for how I am living MY life. Everybody has a choice on what they eat or don’t eat. When I was in college and gained the freshman 15, and nobody ever said anything. I didn’t get attacked for my lifestyle choices. I wasn’t eating healthy. I was eating way too much. I wasn’t working out. I was drinking. And I wasn’t getting proper sleep. All bad choices. Nobody attacked me for any of this.

Yet, the moment I turned vegan, people suddenly feel they have to inform me because I am apparently not informed. “You won’t be getting your protein. What about iron and other vitamins? What about milk – you need that for calcium. What will you eat? Salad all day, everyday? It’s not healthy. You can die. What will you do when you’re pregnant and have kids?”


What the heck? 

What is up with the 3rd degree? There’s plenty of food options out there that don’t involve meat products. And there’s tons of ways to get all the vitamins and proteins from non-animal products! I am basically saying I will eat way more veggies and fruit than ever and somehow this is seen as a bad thing? Where will I get my protein from?

Why did I turn Vegan?

Around a month ago, I watched a documentary called “What the Health.” And at that moment, I remembered watching a talk by William Li “Can we eat to starve cancer.” You can click on the link to watch it. In short, I am more conscious of what I am putting into my body.

And just like that, I made the choice. I am vegan.

What do I eat? 

I’ve always loved fruits and vegetables. Even before turning vegan, I would eat meatless meals by choice! So turning vegan has been pretty easy. As for recipes, there’s plenty of blogs out there with vegan recipes. I mainly find them on Pinterest. I’ll try to put up the links as I find good recipes. It’s been mostly trial and error.

Did I experience any health benefits? 

Hell yea I did!

I am a healthy person. I hate the doctor’s office so if I feel like I’m coming down with something I start working out more and eat healthier. Why? Because when I work out I feel great and everybody knows working out makes your immune system better. To aid that process, I eat healthier than normal. More soups and salads, and no junk food. It’s definitely worked out so far.

But I suffered from headaches. And that’s a headache everyday. Sometimes migraines as well. I also suffered from depression, had trouble falling asleep at night, and I would get easily irritated.

The first week of being vegan, I already felt so much different! The headaches are gone. I sleep way better and wake up feeling rested. And happy. I haven’t been depressed lately and I don’t get irritated easily anymore. On top of that, I have so much more energy!

Why do people have such a hard time accepting VEGANS? 

This I don’t know. It could be that it’s just hard to accept something out of the norm. Which happens a lot. They may feel guilty when you are doing something about your future, animals rights and they’re not. They may simply hate that going out with you will be harder since they have to look for spots with vegan options.

Who knows.

I just wish that if everybody is going to question being vegan this hard, they should also question their lifestyle choices as well. What’s so great about meat? Why eat meat when you don’t have to? What makes it ok to eat a cow, but not a dog? Why can’t you just accept me being vegan without interrogating me?

If you’re not vegan, at least be open to it. Why not try a vegan spot just for the heck of it. Think of it as something new. Just like we get excited to try Thai or Korean BBQ if we’ve never had it before. Well, try a Vegan restaurant next time.

That’s all I ask for. Just have an open mind. Be open to new things, new opinions, new food, new friends.

Are you considering being vegan?

If you are, make sure you’re ready.

Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. People can be pretty negative. They can tell you that you won’t be getting all your protein/vitamins you need. Or that it’s a terrible decision. Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. So be strong.

Do your research on how to eat healthy. Don’t be vegan and just eat Oreos and Soda everyday. Or pasta everyday. You have to add variety to your meals. Add different types of vegetables, beans and grains. The easiest way I think about it is the rainbow. Make sure you’re eating vegetables of different colors.

There you have it. 

My journey as a new vegan. Being vegan isn’t the only option. It’s the option I chose for ME and I am loving every minute of it. Check out the two links below. Being a bodybuilder and vegan is definitely amazing if you ask me. Plant based and super strong!

Let me know if you have questions/comments. I’ll also try to post up vegan recipes once I get a better handle of this.

For some inspiration.. 

List of celebrities that are vegan

List of bodybuilders who are vegan

PS. The picture shown above with the quote “Friends Not Food” is something I made myself. Easy DIY project and you can put any other quote you’d like. Just take scrapbook paper (or any pretty paper), a frame and put whatever quote you’d like about your kitchen. 😀


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2 thoughts on “My Journey as a New Vegan

  1. Hannah says:

    I don’t understand why anyone feels the need to bash someone else’s diet choices. But people are definitely doing it more and more. It seems like whatever you do, you’re not doing it right unless you’re doing it the same way as someone else. I’ve come under fire recently for NOT cutting sugar, pasta, bread, insert whatever food you disagree with here. It’s silly. You do you, and I’ll do me and let’s just all be nice to each other! LOL! Stay strong with your choices and don’t let the haters get you down. 😉

    • Brianda says:

      Thanks for the support! Glad you’re staying strong with your choices too. I def can’t give up pasta. And sugar? I eat oreos everyday hah

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