10 Easy, DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s October! You know what that means? Pumpkin spiced drinks/desserts, costumes, and scary movies are all in sight. Since there’s a lot of us with tons of crazy things to do out there I made a quick list.

A list of 10 easy, DIY Halloween costumes for you.

I found costumes that you could do with stuff you already have in your closet. So easy and saves you money. Have you seen the prices on mediocre costumes nowadays? So we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Oh Yea!

Most of these have no instructions, but I am including the link where I found them, in case you needed to see more pictures. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to find out for you.

#1 – Mary Poppins

Need: Black knee-length skirt, white collar shirt, black hat, black umbrella, black shoes, red bow-tie, red lipstick.
More pictures of Mary Poppins

#2 – Rosie the Riveter

Need: Blue Jeans, blue jean-shirt, bandana, red lipstick.

Idea from WhatIWore.tumblr.com

#3 – Dora the Explorer

Need: Orange shorts, pink shirt, purple backpack, white shoes, yellow socks. This is definitely more colorful, but still pretty easy to pull off.
I actually dressed as Dora in college, can’t find any pictures though 🙁

Idea from SheKnows.com

#4 – Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Need: Blue dress, white collar shirt (to wear under dress), white apron, books.

The Best Disney Costumes From Pinterest

#5 – Price is Right

Need: Normal wearing clothes, name tag and Price tag (you can do this with cardboard from the Dollar Store).

Idea from awesomejelly.com

#6 – The Saw Movie

Need: Black blazer, black pants/shorts, red shoes, white collar shirt, red bowtie, red shoes, makeup (white, red and black).

Idea from TheMaxiDresses.com

#7 – Wednesday Adams

Need: Black dress, white collar shirt underneath the dress, black shoes. Makeup can either be just black lipstick or go full on with a white face and black lipstick. Also, wear 2 braids for the full effect. Optional: black leggings/stockings underneath.

Idea from 9gag.com

#8 – Spongebob Doodle

Need: Black leggings, black shoes, white oversized t-shirt, black marker, giant pencil.

Option: DIY pencil as well or buy it. You can do it with a pool noodle, and construction paper.

Idea from Morgan-annfran.tumblr.com

#9 – Damian from Mean Girls

Need: Gray sweater, black sunglasses, construction paper.

Idea from popsugar.com

#10 – Mrs. Doubtfire (Probably my favorite!!!)

This one is so good! And so original.

Need: Knee-Length skirt, white blouse, brooch, two pot lids (optional), white button up shirt.

You should definitely, check their link though. Their instructions were hilarious!

Idea from buzzfeed.com


Don’t be afraid to try something new or try to change anything up. The beauty of these is that they are pretty open and not have to wear an exact thing. You basically have to get the gist of it.

Pretty easy to pull off.




Since they all look pretty comfortable, you can also go as crazy as you want that night without worrying about your outfit. And if you have kids, they are good for that too.  Nobody wants to worry about their butt hanging out when their kids are nearby.

Let me know what you think!! Halloween is a fun holiday, but it can easily get a little stressed when trying to figure out a costume. Also, let me know if you have other suggestions for fun, easy costumes. 😀



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