Halloween Decor That Doesn’t Scare the SH*T Out of You

Holiday decorations can be a real drag sometimes. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s Day all just come rolling in one after another. Like these months of the year aren’t stressful enough with having to deal with the entire family, dinners to plan, New Year’s resolutions, love, you still have to deal with your house. It’s never ending!

And if you’re like me, Halloween Decorations can creep the shit out of you! I’ve seen lots of pictures online, and I think wow that looks super awesome! But I would definitely get nightmares from my home decor alone. So I have been on the look out for Halloween decoration ideas that still say I’m in the Halloween spirit, but won’t give me nightmares.

So my list – I love lists!! Great excuse to not have to read somebody ramble on and on and on about crap in their life. You just look for the numbers and read. Or pictures! Awesome!

Anyways, I made a list of Halloween decorations. These are easy decorations you can do in a day and won’t spend a ton of money doing it. Another reason why you should look at my list. Affordable!

Plus, some of these look chic still. Your home will look super classy, and be in the Halloween spirit. Win Win!

Here you go.

#1 – Copper Painted Pumpkins

You can get these small, plastic pumpkins from the dollar store. And you can use any spray paint color that suits your home decoration. Then, stuff them with flowers, which you can find at the dollar store too. The tutorial on the website is for small pumpkins, but you can also get a big pumpkin if it suits your space better.

Idea from uptodateinteriors.com

#2 – Glass Jars

Glass jars have always been such a fancy statement. So grab all those jars/vases you have laying around your house and fill them up with skulls, pumpkins, birds, rats, eyeballs, tree branches – you name it. If you don’t have any extra jars at home, you can find some at the Dollar Store or a thrift store. And you can also find things to stuff your jars at the dollar store.


#3 – Potion Jars

If you have more glass jars laying around you can print some labels and make it seem like it’s a witch’s lab! Just head on the the website below, print some labels and glue them on the jars. Easy project, but it looks so creepy!

Printables at wordlabel.com

#4 – Potion Spells Book Covers

This would go great with the potion bottles on #3! You can go ahead to the link below and just print. It’s that easy. Just put them on some books you already have. It’ll be a perfect ensemble.

Book cover printable here

#5 – Pumpkins that spell out Boo!

Grab some candlesticks. I’ve only seen one size candle sticks at the dollar store so you might need to look elsewhere. I’m pretty sure you can find some at the Thrift store. You can spray paint them if you have some that are not black. Then, spell out BOO! Use a marker, paint, or black letter stickers.

#6 – Picture frames

Who knew they could look so spooky? Just get some picture frames from the Dollar store or a thrift store.

You can draw on the glass itself with a  permanent marker. Or if you have black, creepy stickers (decals) then paste them on the glass.

If you decide to draw on the glass, you can freehand it or you can print out a picture. Print a picture, place it under the glass, and trace it above.

2nd version: you will need newspaper and black card stock paper.

To make the newspaper brownish, I love going to the simple trick of using coffee. Make a simple cup of coffee and sort of just brush the coffee on like paint. Then, hang it so it dries off. It’ll leave the paper with a brown, old looking color. It’ll also sort of crumple the paper up a bit, but since it’ll be in a frame it’ll be ok. Then, using black paper cut out the silhouette  and place it in the frame.

3rd version: You will need 3 frames, and black ribbon.

It can be done like the way it is below. Just use different color or stickers to write out “Trick or Treat.” Glue black ribbon on the back of the frames.This way, you only have to nail the wall once instead of hanging 3 different frames.

Option: you can do the frames like the above option and just glue them together like this.

All 3 look pretty great! Pick the one that speaks to you or your decor.

#7 – Skeleton string art

You’ll need a block of wood. Paint the wood black, or use black fabric to cover it. Nail around to make the skull silhouette. Use white yarn to make the figure.

If you’re not an artist, you can print a silhouette and place it on top of the wood. Use the picture to guide you as you nail the silhouette down. And before you place the yarn, rip off the picture. Easy trick. Yet, at the end it’s such a professional looking item to have at home.

#8 – Candles creeping you out at night…. oooohhh!!

This one is pretty simple and straight forward. Print and cut silhouettes of pumpkins, cats, skeletons, etc. Attach a cable, or stick to put it in your candle. Tape it to the back if that feels safer to you (fire hazard?).

When you turn on the candles, you’ll be able to see the creepy figures on the wall. Easy but sooo creepy!!

#9 – Skeleton dish

This picture displays it with a candle in the middle, but I think this idea would be so great for a candy bowl at home. You’ll need a candle stick, a plate, and a skeleton you can rip apart. Glue all of them together and spray paint. Super easy craft, and it’s a much more fun way to put out candy instead of the regular bowl. You can do this for treats in your house as Halloween approaches or a candle. Either way, it’s a pretty neat trick.

#10 – Floating hats

This is probably one of my favorites. I think it’s because it reminds me of Harry Potter for some reason. Just use yarn, or thread to hang them from them from the ceiling. If you find a Harry Potter (witch) broom, that would be even better!

#11 – Door Decor

Door decoration is an awesome way to display your Halloween spirit! And there’s tons of ideas out there. This is a simple yet great idea. All you need is black card stock paper!

This will work with other decorations out in front, or just this alone. Great idea if you live in an apartment and don’t have much space to decorate.

More Halloween door decor ideas here!

#12 – Lamp shades just got spookier

Simply cut out some bat silhouettes out of black paper and tape them to the inside of a lamp shade.

#13 – Animals Everywhere!!

You can cut out rats, spiders, and other spooky animals from black construction paper and paste them where you can – on a bookshelf, on the staircase (between each step), or on the wall. Makes for an easy Halloween day.

Idea from Womansday.com

#14 – Washi Tape Spider Web

I think you can even use electrical tape – black tape I’ve seen at the Dollar store. Easy and looks great. Buy scary spiders from the dollar store and paste them on the wall too.

Check out more pictures here


I’m not that big into scary decoration if you haven’t notice. And I also don’t like putting a lot of decorations since I move a lot. These ideas help me on both ends. They’re not that scary, they’re DIY with a few things you can get at the Dollar Store or things I already have, and it looks great.

Decorating can be such a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. Just pick some of these and you’re home will be that much into Halloween without breaking the bank and giving you nightmares.

Let me know what you think. Plus, share any ideas you may have for Halloween decorations 😀

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