5 Tips for a more Productive Week

It’s Sunday. And you should be resting Sundays. Mostly. But then it’s Monday tomorrow. Nobody likes Mondays. Well snap out of it!

Here are some tips for a more productive week.

1 – Don’t hate Mondays.

Saying you hate Monday is already putting you down. So get rid of that phrase. We all know words we say to ourselves has an effect on us. Mostly, we think of this when we are thinking about ourselves. But today, think about it for the day of the week.

Monday is not “I hate Mondays!”
It’s more of Monday, a new beginning.
huh? Good right. Ok – a bit corny, but you get my drift.

Love Mondays for a more productive week

2 – Plan out your week

I like to do this on Fridays, or Sundays. But you can also do this first thing Monday. Figure out what your game plan is and write out your to do list.

What does it mean to have a productive week for you? What do you have to accomplish this week? What steps do you need to take to accomplish it?  Who do you have to talk to? Any meetings you have to attend? Any books you have to read? Figure it out and make your list.

3 – eat thAt frog!

This comes from a book by Brian Tracy. Eat that frog means you should do the hardest thing first.  If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the rest of the food you eat won’t taste that bad. It’ll probably even taste better than usual. Anything to get that nasty frog flavor.

Eat that frog = do the toughest thing first. Then, the rest of your to do list won’t seem as bad because you already tackled the hardest thing. So do the thing you are dreading the most first. And the rest of your day/week will seem better.

4 – clean your desk

A clean desk lets you work more efficiently. The only things on your desk should be things you need for the project you’re working on.  You’ll have everything you need at hand and you won’t waste time trying to look through piles of paperwork.

Also, since you only have things for the project you’re working on, you won’t get distracted if you see any other paperwork. You’ll stay on task and be more productive.

clean your desk for a more productive week

5 – Take breaks

Working non-stop can get brutal. So throughout your productive week, give yourself some breaks in between. Go outside for some fresh air, go on coffee breaks, or go out to eat with friends. This way, you come back reenergized. You come back ready to work.


There you go, 5 tips for a more productive week. Easy enough to get started this week.  I love to  keep things simple. I’m sure there’s other more ellaborate ways out there to be more productive, but sometimes you need to keep it simple. Stick with the basics.

Don’t hate Mondays, plan your week, eat that frog, clean your desk and take breaks.

Easy and doable.

So don’t procrastinate and use these 5 tips for a more productive week.

Do you have any tips for us?


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