getting out of your creative funk when it feels like you keep failing at every project.

Getting Out Of Your Creative Funk

Being in a creative funk is the worst.

This had never happened to me… until this weekend. I had all weekend long free. I didn’t have to do a single thing, so I figured perfect for crafting! But, was I wrong.

When I started my first project, I failed pretty early. I tried it again. Failed. Then, my second project. Fail. Then, my third project. Fail. Honestly, I lost count but it was just failure after failure. And they weren’t even hard projects!

I tried cutting some of my t-shirts for a more fun, relaxed look.
No good.
And I tried doing one of those chapstick holders for your keychain.

Like who fails at this?!

It was such a bummer. Who knew I would get in a creative funk? And how do you get out of it? I was looking forward to the weekend full of crafts, only to come to it and fail time and time again. So what did I do?

I gave up.

I stopped crafting on Sunday. You should see that room – well I’ll show you. It’s disgusting. It’s not the best craft room out there (by far!), but it was at least organized before. Now, it’s like a tornado went through it. That bad and I was that frustrated.

getting out of your creative funk when it seems like you can't succeed in any project

So, I didn’t try to do any crafting on Sunday. I went out shopping, mainly to walk around and get out of my house. Came home and watched a romantic movie (which ended up not being a good movie – talk about my luck). But basically Sunday was definitely a relaxing, non-crafting day.

Today is different. I can feel it.

Today, I woke up feeling relaxed, energized and ready to go. I mean I woke up feeling like working out! Who the FUDGE thinks about that early in the morning? Not me, that’s for sure. But it felt great.

So how do you get out of your creative funk?

Step away from it.

That easy. Sometimes you just need to realize it’s just not your day (or your weekend if you’re like me). Step back and do something else. Pretty soon, you’ll go back feeling more determined and ready to start again.


My plan for today:

  • Exercise – check!
  • Post a blog – In progress/check!
  • Try new vegan recipes for lunch and dinner
  • Clean/organize my craft room – I mean did you see that picture?!
  • Start and finish (successfully) a craft project
  • Iron some clothes (booooring)
  • If time allows – do something else crafty!

The World is your oyster! Whatever that means. So go and something that makes you happy. Get out of that creative funk and go for it!

What are you going to do today that makes you happy? Any crafts? Maybe make some awesome videos? Or great food? Finish your work today and dance in your underwear?

Be you and be great at it.

6 thoughts on “Getting Out Of Your Creative Funk

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m not much of a crafty person at all. But I have a new book that SHOULD be in my mailbox today, and I plan to sit and read to my heart’s content once it arrives. I’ve been looking forward to this book all year! 🙂

    (What was the romantic movie dud you watched?)

    • Brianda says:

      Ooh books are definitely a great way to unwind.
      What book are you starting this week? I know you love reading, your blog is filled with books! I can’t do that. I like reading but it’s hard for me to read novels, idk why. I always end up reading biographies/finance/self-help (boring) books haha

      I watched “Someone Like You” – Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd so I thought why not. I don’t recommend it, but that’s just me.

      • Hannah says:

        I read the newest Robin Jones Gunn book “Sunset Lullaby”. It’s the last of a series of hers that I’ve been reading my whole life. It was a wonderful ending! I’m also in the middle of a biography of Thomas Jefferson. I try to keep my reading diverse although I must say I don’t read much finance. Haha!

        I’ve seen Someone Like You a couple times—not my favorite either. It sounds like we definitely have the same taste in movies!

        • Brianda says:

          I try to read novels but I can’t seem to ever finish them. I don’t know how many times I’ve started and failed to finish Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I’ve read his shorter works and love them, but that one is just too long haha Finance didn’t start until I was trying to make sure not to get into debt during/after college.
          And I think we do have the same taste in movies! haha

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