Check out these thanksgiving table decorations to inspire you to create your own awesome table at home!

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

Halloween has just passed. Now it’s time for Thanksgiving. Christmas decorations will be up soon. And then New Years will be here.  If you ask me these 4 holidays are too close to each other.  I always get little panic attacks around  this time.

But for now, Thanksgiving!

Now, Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty complicated. You have to make sure you bake/cook everything in time, you have enough oven space, your house is  clean for your visitors, and you decorate it so it looks amazing each season.

And if you’re like me and you’ve never hosted Thanksgiving before you not only have to make sure your food will taste delicious, but you have to first get over the I HOPE I DON’T BURN IT OBSTACLE.

So, as I said Thanksgiving is complicated.

I can’t help you with the DON’T BURN YOUR FOOD, but I’ll send out good wishes.

What I can help with is the decorations. So I rounded up 10 Thanksgiving table decorations that will inspire you to create your own beautiful table. And then, your food will look even better. Remember, we eat with our eyes too.

Here are some things to note first:

  • I picked simple looking ones so that you wouldn’t have to spend too much time decorating.
  • They don’t include fresh flowers. That to me seems like more work since you need to get them the day of or the day before so they stay beautiful. And you need to store them in your fridge – which during Thanksgiving you’ll most likely have it super stuffed already.
  • I picked designs that aren’t tall either. Having big vases/bouquets in the middle can block you from seeing everyone around the table.
  •  You can click on each picture to see the original post.

#1 – Clementines serve as a pop of color

And they also serve as a small dessert after dinner. You can also use peaches. If you’re family is anything like my family, we always want to have something sweet at the end. Try a brownish table runner, add some greenery, white candles, pinecones, and some clementines. Talk about easy and reusable!

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You Image from

#2 – Who doesn’t love Gold?

Pinecones, gold pumpkins, and candles all add up a beautiful, simple Thanksgiving table decor.  Just get some spray paint at your local hardware store.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire YouImage from

#3 – Do you have a salad bowl or some bowl laying around?

Then use it! Add some mini pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves. Would be great on smaller tables.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

#4 – White, blues and greens

This one seems a little more complicated because she uses a shutter instead of a table runner. If you have one, use it. But since most of us don’t have those laying around the house use a table runner in a similar color. Then, get some pumpkins from your local grocery store, as well as some eucalyptus leaves. Add some candles in a copper color to match your plates and voila.

She also printed some cards to put on top of her plates which is super adorable. And a great way to have your guests thinking about what they are thankful for.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

Images from

#5 – budget friendly

But if I didn’t tell you then you wouldn’t have guessed it because it’s still oh so great. A brownish table runner could be used, but they used brown paper instead. Then, they went outside to pick up a few leaves and pinecones. And painted some pumpkins gold. To add some more color, they used orange napkins and orange candles. So easy and affordable, yet so pretty.

I think I’ll try this myself, I don’t have any table runners but I do have brown paper =D

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

Image from

#6 – So pretty and classic

White pumpkins, white candles, white table runner – I mean white is always classy. And if you’re worried about color, remember your food will bring it.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

Image from

#7 – Two versions using a Baguette board

This one is pretty simple. Baguette board (or long board), table runner, mini pumpkins, white candles and some leaves. Done! I included two versions (each from a different blog), both equally beautiful and just depends on the color you’d like to go with.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire YouImage from SophiasDecor
10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You
Image from

 #8 – Do you have glass jars laying around?

I love how you can repurpose things and make beautiful things like this. They used jars they had laying around like pickle jars, peanut butter jars, etc. This idea is great if you don’t want to do much shopping, and won’t have much time to decorate your home.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You


#9 –  Leafy Table Runner

Instead of having a table runner, make one out of leaves. Add some pinecones on top if you like.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire YouImage from

#10 –  Does Copper make it fancy?

Use spray paint to paint the pumpkins. The leaves get a touch of it too (almost like it was touched by sprinkles). Add some copper tape to  battery-operated candles. And pick a table runner of your choosing.  You can also go with gold instead if you’re not a fan of copper.

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire YouImage from

Did these Thanksgiving Table decorations inspire you or what? Now you’re delicious food will be ready to eat in your beautifully set table. Win. Be sure to also check out Thanksgiving Hacks to help you out with the dinner preparations!

And remember, if you have some greenery, pumpkins, and candles then you can make a beautiful Thanksgiving table decor. There’s endless opportunities here.

Comment below if you have any ideas or if these pictures inspired you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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