There's always something to be thankful for. Read these 66 reasons to be thankful for some inspiration

66 Reasons To Be Thankful

Sometimes with everything that’s happening around the holidays we forget what we are actually  trying to celebrate. We forget that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. We just think about food, food, shopping, oh yea and more food.

I’m not judging.

I’ve done the same thing.

So this year, I wanted to share some reasons why I am thankful. Just sit down. Read them. Think about them. And think about your reasons to be thankful. And if you are in a very negative place right now, I’m sure some of the things I’m writing down will translate to your life. So be thankful for those.

Here we go. 66 reasons to be thankful.

I am thankful for:

  1. my family.
  2. being alive.
  3. my health.
  4. having a place to live.
  5. my husband.
  6. having food to eat.
  7. my friends.
  8. having a bit of extra money to buy the unnecessary (like soda) – every small thing counts!
  9. finding and choosing to be Vegan.
  10. Oreos.
  11. coffee because it helps me be productive when my brain is all mush.
  12. tea because it helps me relax when I’m anxious.
  13. having the ability to blog.
  14. having the patience and imagination to try crafts
  15. mom having taught me everything I know to be a respectable woman.
  16. dad having taught me to be strong and stand up for myself.
  17. Netflix and it’s availability (cable is expensive).
  18. my night face creme because it feels like a mini spa moment every night.
  19. Hawaii. It is amazing!
  20. My slippers to keep my feet warm (I’m sure my husband appreciates that too haha)
  21. Flowers – they are amazing to look at and smell.
  22. Facetime because it lets me see my family that live hours away.
  23. Technology (my laptop is sooo helpful and lets me blog!)
  24. long walks.
  25. fresh air.
  26. Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday!
  27. my nephew’s calls at 6am because he’s too excited and can’t wait.
  28. sunsets because they are sooo pretty.
  29. Pinterest for helping me see crafts others have done.
  30. my ability to stay positive when it’s not looking so good.
  31. my husband’s ability to handle my mood swings.
  32. pillow talk.
  33. Love. Love your friends, family, husband, crafts, moments.
  34. Moments when everything slows down and you feel everything, even the faintest wind in your hair.
  35. sweaters. I get cold so easily and sweaters are sooooo comfy.
  36. my fluffy pajamas.
  37. hikes that lead to a beautiful view.
  38. God.  I thank god for everything in my life.
  39. Christmas lights. They make everything look soooo magical.
  40. books to challenge my mind and soul.
  41. the smell of freshly baked cookies.
  42. hugs. They make everything better, even if it’s just for a bit.
  43. the money you randomly find in jeans or sweaters.
  44. hot showers.
  45. baths after a long day.
  46. bubbles!
  47. indoor plumbing – can you imagine life without it? Some still don’t have it..
  48. people who enjoy reading my blog.
  49. GPS since I would totally be lost without it. Literally.
  50. Libraries. It helps not having to buy every single book and the programs they have for children are so helpful.
  51. cameras/pictures that help us capture those moments we don’t want to forget.
  52. Museums. Because even when you’re not a history buff, it is amazing to go visit.
  53. automatic rice cookers. Just pushing two buttons makes it so easy!
  54. slow cooker -who knew dumping everything in and leaving it for 4 hours would turn out delicious meals.
  55. beans and bread. Staples for life.
  56. kids leggings from target. Rainbow leggings that fit me? oh yea!
  57. dreams.
  58. electricity.
  59. the ability to laugh (if you’ve heard me laugh you know it’s loud and I don’t care.)
  60. music – especially “You are my Sunshine”
  61. The different organizations that help people (like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital).
  62. notepads that allow me to write down my thoughts before I forget them.
  63. babies! They are beautiful and remind you that life goes on, and beautiful things are in the world.
  64. mistakes because they allow us to learn and grow.
  65. a good cry because sometimes that’s all you need to keep kicking butt.
  66. Hope.

There you go. My 66 reasons to be thankful. I could probably go on but I’ll leave it off here.

Be sure to also check out my thoughtful ways to say thank you. Don’t just SAY it, but show you’re grateful.

Now think about you and your life.

What are you thankful for?

Don't go by life without appreciating the people around you! Here are 66 Reasons To Be Thankful for. Read it, I'm sure something will relate =D

And don’t forget to share your reasons below =D


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