Simple DIY Christmas Cards you can make under an hour and minimal supplies! Check out the rest on the blog

Simple DIY Christmas Cards

If you've been reading my blog, I mentioned how giving hand written cards is a great way to show your appreciating towards others. You can read that here!  I didn't have time to show some examples, but I thought I'd show them now. Here are some simple DIY Christmas Cards you can make in under … Continue reading Simple DIY Christmas Cards

Easy Christmas Wreath DIY with only a hanger, ornaments and a bow!

Easy Christmas Wreath DIY

Seriously, this is super easy. I was amazed at how quickly I finished this easy Christmas wreath DIY project. For this, you will need the following: A metal hanger (like the type you get at the dry cleaners) Round ornaments (whatever color you decide) A bow A wreath hanger And that's it! Did I say … Continue reading Easy Christmas Wreath DIY

Check out these thanksgiving table decorations to inspire you to create your own awesome table at home!

10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

Halloween has just passed. Now it's time for Thanksgiving. Christmas decorations will be up soon. And then New Years will be here.  If you ask me these 4 holidays are too close to each other.  I always get little panic attacks around  this time. But for now, Thanksgiving! Now, Thanksgiving and Christmas are pretty complicated. … Continue reading 10 Thanksgiving Table Decorations To Inspire You

getting out of your creative funk when it feels like you keep failing at every project.

Getting Out Of Your Creative Funk

Being in a creative funk is the worst. This had never happened to me... until this weekend. I had all weekend long free. I didn’t have to do a single thing, so I figured perfect for crafting! But, was I wrong. When I started my first project, I failed pretty early. I tried it again. … Continue reading Getting Out Of Your Creative Funk

Scary Food for a Scary Night

I rounded up a list of Halloween treats you can make for your little ones before they go trick or treating, for a Halloween dinner party, or for your Halloween Annual Bash. Oh yea. You can either use the recipe from the link provided or you can use any recipe you have and use this … Continue reading Scary Food for a Scary Night

Halloween Decor That Doesn’t Scare the SH*T Out of You

Holiday decorations can be a real drag sometimes. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's Day all just come rolling in one after another. Like these months of the year aren't stressful enough with having to deal with the entire family, dinners to plan, New Year's resolutions, love, you still have to deal … Continue reading Halloween Decor That Doesn’t Scare the SH*T Out of You

10 Easy, DIY Halloween Costumes

It's October! You know what that means? Pumpkin spiced drinks/desserts, costumes, and scary movies are all in sight. Since there's a lot of us with tons of crazy things to do out there I made a quick list. A list of 10 easy, DIY Halloween costumes for you. I found costumes that you could do … Continue reading 10 Easy, DIY Halloween Costumes

Coffee Bar Easy Upgrade

Have you looked around your house lately? Like really looked around and see what you have, what you don't have? But most of all, how it makes you feel?   Well, I did and I noticed it's not something I like very much. My home is just pretty basic. I've been moving a lot and … Continue reading Coffee Bar Easy Upgrade

Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

My nephew turned 6 years old this  year. Since he’s such a big boy now, he got to choose the theme for this year’s cake. He decided to go with Star Wars and picked a BB8 character cake. He saw it and was like “Yeah! That one! He’s my favorite character!” Needless to say the … Continue reading Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

Bookshelf Transformation

I love bookshelves! I don’t know why. If I could fill all my walls with shelves, I would be in heaven! I still see "The Beauty and the Beast" and see that library and get jealous. Jealous! But we do the best with what we have. And I don’t even have that many books to … Continue reading Bookshelf Transformation