How to have a Financial Date Night

My husband and I like to spend money. A lot. On useless crap. And we try to save. TRY.  But last year, we came upon the idea of Financial Dates. The idea behind it is that you have yourself a date with your partner and talk about finances. Boooorrrinngggg! And awkward???  But these financial dates … Continue reading How to have a Financial Date Night

My Journey as a New Vegan

I am vegan. I’m not trying to convince the whole world to join me. I am simply stating the new fact in my life. The biggest issue turning vegan? It hasn't been not eating meat again. Not eating dairy products - I loved cheese! The biggest issue has been people attacking me for how I … Continue reading My Journey as a New Vegan

Scary but free thoughts

What are your thoughts of the day? Here are mine... Happiness. Blissfulness. I am blessed. Happy to be alive. Happy to be married. Grateful to have found my soulmate. My husband is amazing. What shall I do today? I am free. I am not working. I am unemployed. Oh my god, I am unemployed. I … Continue reading Scary but free thoughts

Coffee Bar Easy Upgrade

Have you looked around your house lately? Like really looked around and see what you have, what you don't have? But most of all, how it makes you feel?   Well, I did and I noticed it's not something I like very much. My home is just pretty basic. I've been moving a lot and … Continue reading Coffee Bar Easy Upgrade

My love for TV shows

Binge watch shows anyone? I do. But I didn't want to share the list of random shows I watch. Instead, I wanted to share my favorite all time shows.  There's plenty of shows out there but when you go back to the same one time after time - that's a winner! Here is my list. … Continue reading My love for TV shows

The Awesomeness of SILENCE

I am not a very talkative person. When I meet new people, I get a little bit anxious. I enjoy the quiet. But I know that most people think it's awkward and we should be speaking. I'm not trying to be rude, or awkward or shy, I just think sometimes quiet is better. Like after … Continue reading The Awesomeness of SILENCE

Movies that move you

A great movie is not just something you watch, but something you feel and experience.  This is different for every person. And I wanted to share my list. These are my top 6. Random number I know. And I'm sure if I sit here I can come up with 4 more to make it an … Continue reading Movies that move you

Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

My nephew turned 6 years old this  year. Since he’s such a big boy now, he got to choose the theme for this year’s cake. He decided to go with Star Wars and picked a BB8 character cake. He saw it and was like “Yeah! That one! He’s my favorite character!” Needless to say the … Continue reading Star Wars Themed Birthday Party

4 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive

Are you having problems staying positive when things aren't going your way? Sometimes when I can't decide on what to do with my life (almost always), I start getting really negative. I've gotten depressed to the point where I just want to stay in bed and sleep all day. Which if you think about it, … Continue reading 4 Powerful Tips to Stay Positive

Letter to my younger self

Dear little Bri, If you think life is hard now wait until you grow up. You have to constantly make decisions and stand behind them. Not to mention, having to find the career you're passionate about, bills, and taxes. Because the only things certain in life are Death and Taxes - but you already know that. … Continue reading Letter to my younger self