Simple DIY Christmas Cards you can make under an hour and minimal supplies! Check out the rest on the blog

Simple DIY Christmas Cards

If you've been reading my blog, I mentioned how giving hand written cards is a great way to show your appreciating towards others. You can read that here!  I didn't have time to show some examples, but I thought I'd show them now. Here are some simple DIY Christmas Cards you can make in under [...]

Easy Christmas Wreath DIY with only a hanger, ornaments and a bow!

Easy Christmas Wreath DIY

Seriously, this is super easy. I was amazed at how quickly I finished this easy Christmas wreath DIY project. For this, you will need the following: A metal hanger (like the type you get at the dry cleaners) Round ornaments (whatever color you decide) A bow A wreath hanger And that's it! Did I say [...]